Tennis Courts…

We have two outdoor tennis courts available for hire on an hourly basis.

The tennis courts can be hired by contacting the Stoke Gifford Parish Council Offices using the form on this page. Before submitting the form,  please check availability of the court using the calendars below. Please fill in all requested information

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    General Conditions of Hire

    1. Access to the courts is controlled by key. The key is kept in a keysafe on the wall of the Poplar Rooms in the small porch adjacent to the car park entrance

    2. The code for the keysafe will be provided when the hire of the courts is confirmed

    3. Payment is on an “honesty” basis. The payment should be left in the keysafe when leaving the court

    4. The keysafe must be locked at all times when the key is not being removed or replaced

    5. The courts must be locked when vacated

    6. The Parish Office must be informed if a key is lost or destroyed

    Please leave the courts clean and tidy.


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